Dental Erosion: What You Need To Know


What exactly is it?

An accelerated and irreversible loss of  tooth structure due to chronic exposure to acid in the mouth.

Where does the acid come from?

  1. Stomach (acid re-flux, disorder, chronic vomiting due to bulimia, alcoholism or pregnancy)

  2. Food(soda, wine, sugar, chlorine, dairy, gluten) See infographic below

How does acid damage teeth?

  1. Acid in the mouth causes irreversible enamel erosion.

How do I know if I have acid erosion?

At early stages enamel erosion makes teeth look dull and yellow; as it advances teeth look see-through and greyish/blue.

Any other symptom?

At early stages teeth become sensitive to cold foods and beverages as well as sweets. In advanced stages teeth chip away and become short and deformed.

How can I prevent acid erosion?

  1. If consuming acidic beverages such as wine and soda, use a straw to bypass your teeth

  2. If you are suffering from alcoholism or bulimia seek help

  3. If you are suffering from acid re-flux marked by acidic taste in mouth speak to your primary care provider.

What if I already have the signs and symptoms of acid erosion?

  1. Schedule a consultation to rule out other conditions that can mimic acid erosion such as bruxism with malocclusion

  2. Enamel loss can be successfully restored with porcelain laminates and onlays.