CleanEssential™ $299
Professional dental cleaning and polish with added aromatherapy.


In-House WhiteGlo™, $449
30 minutes application of powerful bleaching agent so strong that it can only be applied under professional supervision. 

Take-Home WhiteGlo™ Custom Kit $449
Strong and effective, there is no better way to keep your teeth in top shade at all time. 


Invisible Aligner $395/tray set
The most simple and effective method of straightening adult teeth using customized clear aligners using state-of-the-art technology that ensure precision movement and comfortable fit.

Invisible Retainer $249
It took commitment to attain perfect straight teeth. Clear aligners are designed to guarantee they last forever.

Vivera Retainer $599 (set of four retainers)
Vivera’s proprietary material is 30% stronger than conventional retainers which helps maintain teeth in their desired position longer. 


WhiteGlo™ Single $49
Walking whitening trays, gentle enough for sensitive teeth designed for periodic use to prevent build up of food, coffee and wine stains.

Power Polish™ $100
Walking whitening trays, gentle enough for sensitive teeth designed for periodic use to prevent build up of food, coffee and wine stains.

Kissable™ $49
Exfoliation of dry dead lip skin and application of rejuvenating serum, conditioning masque and tongue treatment.PROTECT

Cavity Guard™ $250
Application of scientifically proven formula for reversal of early decay, chemical erosion and teeth sensitivity.

PlayGuard™ $950 (including 3D digital scan)
Perfect protection for athletes or those who clench their teeth during physical exertion. Our athletic guards are custom designed to your favorite color(s) and our digital scanning technology make them better fitting than ever before.

StressGuard $950
An Occlusal guard is essential for nighttime grinders. A digital scan will by taken of your mouth using Itero Element digital scanner to ensure a perfect fit and comfort.


Annual Digital X-rays $175
A limited series of x-rays taken annually to rule out existence of dental cavities in between posterior teeth and monitor periodontal bone levels.

Full Set of Digital X-rays $325
Full set of digital x-rays to diagnose dental cavities and infections and/or abnormalities of the surrounding hard tissue.

 3D Digital Oral Scan $249 (per arch)
Oral digital scan using the most advanced 3D imaging technology to design and deliver your straightening treatment plan on the very first visit, so you can be on your way to perfect straight teeth in no time.

Genetic Risk Test  $249
A quick painless cheek swab to help you stay ahead of the damaging effects of inflammation by identifying  genetic risk factors for chronic periodontal disease. This information helps us curate a personalized dental treatment for long term overall health.

Dr. Exam $295
Recommended annually to detect or preempt caries, periodontal disease.


Ceramic Veneer $2500
A thin shell of ceramic laminate custom designed to enhance and perfect the shape, shade and texture of enamel.

Ceramic Crown $2800
A conservative coverage to replace dentin and enamel lost due to decay or fracture.

Ceramic Inlay/Onlay $2500
Minimally invasive restorations designed to conservatively replace damaged enamel and dentin.