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Dr. Maryam Horri

BrilliantSmile® Founder/CEO, Dr. Maryam Horri is a board certified member of the American Dental Association. She is recognized and admired expert with three decades of experience in aesthetic reconstructive dentistry. Dr. Horri has served as clinical and post-doctoral faculty at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. She developed a passion for the science of preventative care while training at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine under the legendary Dr. Esther Wilkins. She founded BrilliantSmile® with the mission to improve the quality of preventative care through a trident approach combining patient-centric care, technology driven diagnostics and trained, experienced, empathetic clinicians.


Dr. Rony Mashihi

BrilliantSmile® Dentist, Dr. Rony Mashihi is a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, holding both a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and Master of Public Health in epidemiological research. Dr. Mashihi is certified in surgical and prosthetic implant dentistry and has extensive training and experience in orthodontics -including Invisalign®-, cosmetic and implant dentistry and full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation. Dr. Rony Mashihi’s holistic philosophy combines biology, art and engineering to achieve optimal oral health, function and aesthetics as part of your overall health and wellness.